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In 2006, after 15 years of managing our own portfolio of property tax liens, we started providing tax lien acquisition and servicing to institutional investors. If you are an investor with the capability to invest $1 million or more in tax liens long-term, we are available to manage your portfolio of tax liens on a fee basis.  Liens are held in the name of the buyer- we never have access to your redemption proceeds, which are deposited directly into your bank account. 

bulletACQUISITION AND DUE DILIGENCE: We are very familiar with the secondary tax lien market and often can help you obtain tax lien assets from our extensive industry contacts and through established tax lien intermediaries. We can provide due diligence services prior to purchase so your tax lien portfolio includes assets of the highest possible quality.
bulletFEES: We charge an annual servicing fee of 1% of assets under management, billed quarterly. The fee includes basic due diligence on the liens, with the emphasis on the larger properties. Clients are responsible for the legal fees, subsequent taxes, property listing fees, Realtor commissions, etc. The management fee includes directing your foreclosures through the entire process of obtaining a tax deed.
bulletREPORTING: We provide daily reporting of redemptions and detailed monthly portfolio reporting. Customized reporting to suit your tax or accounting needs is available at no additional cost.
bulletPROPERTY DISPOSAL: If you obtain any tax foreclosure real estate, we will handle the disposal through one of our business partners. We do not charge for that, although there will be fees from the company managing the sale. We do not charge servicing fees on the REO portion of your tax lien portfolio.
bulletFOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact  Dan Friedman by email or call (919) 883-2151, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time. 

For more information, including a PowerPoint presentation about our tax lien servicing program, sample client reports, and to review available tax lien portfolios, please contact us to request our standard Nondisclosure Agreement.